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10:37pm 03/06/2006
mood: content
Well, today we learned that Greg is a smarty. We both took IQ tests on www.funeducation.com. My score was 99 (meh) and Greg's was 136! What a nerd, eh? :p

Let's see... Greg had a mental capability test for Daimler-Chrysler Corporation today, Monday he has an interview with Hilander and then Tuesday he has a phone interview for Daimler-Chrysler again. One of these jobs has to hire him soon!

We should be getting DSL soon, the Verizon cable guy did not show up on the two days he was supposed to so.. hopefully, he'll show up Monday or something. DSL should be radical!

We finally got grass in our yard a couple weeks ago, yay for that. Well, I have to urinate and such, maybe I'll update later.
01:18pm 28/05/2006
mood: hot
This humidity is killing me. I'm just sweating everywhere. I think I've already lost 10 pounds in sweat.

On the bright side, my mom and Ken got a bedroom set yesterday. Now Greg doesn't have to sleep on the floor, he slept in my bed last night. :D

I have gotten back into my bass a little bit, Tony taught me how to tune my bass. Woot, where's the band!? Hopefully, he can help me out a bit more.. in return, I've helped him with playing Conquer, I got him 19 levels in one shot. Freakin' awesome. My character on there reached level 87 finally (new gown!!), hahah. Yeah, I'm a dork.. so??
04:17pm 13/05/2006
mood: bouncy
Greg should be here today!! I'm so excited, I miss him a lot. We're going out towards Elgin again today to do some stuff, hopefully Greg will call within the next hour or so..!! Ah, yeah.. I'll be off for now, not much else is new.
Woot, internet is back and ready for action   
07:13pm 04/05/2006
mood: crazy
Yeah, so today we got our phone line connected into our new house (which we are already living in, yes) so now I'm on the internet. I want to go onto Conquer Online so bad! It's horrible.

I'm going to be homealone for awhile, should be fun stuff. There is a spider in the house and it's freaking me out because we think it MIGHT be a brown recluse (one of the most poisonous spiders around), I dunno.. but it needs to stay out of my fucking room! :o

I'll update later or whatever.
04:29pm 27/04/2006
mood: content
We officially got the house in Roscoe today. It's the 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 3 car garage and full basement house. Should be pretty radical. We paid our deposit and first months rent today and we'll be moving in TOMORROW! Yay! Greg got hired at Target and Circle K, his first day at Target was yesterday but I yet to talk with him to see how his first day went. With the 3 jobs he may be working, he'll be out here in no time.

The house we're moving in is very nice, I'll have to take pictures or something. I also visited my cousin Jason a couple days ago, he's doing well. I think.. lol. He is on Myspace and it's funny, I was like "you're on myspace too!?!?" But, yeah.

I don't have much else to say right now, I'll update later.
05:29pm 23/04/2006
mood: good
So we're still here at Tony and Samantha's place. I had Chinese food from New Hunan last night and it was sooooo fucking good. I can already tell I'm going to be addicted to Illinois Chinese food, simply because it's just amazing compared to Arizona stuff. Just my opinion. :D

Besides that, Greg is just about settled into a second job, which is awesome. He has an interview with Circle K this Monday, and he took a piss test for Target a couple days ago. So, one of the two should work out. Then, after a couple weeks he'll hopefully be able to get his ass out here. We both just really hope he'll get all of his finances together before our 2 year anniversary which is May 14th. Grr!

We're still waiting on this realtor lady to call us back about the house we looked at on Wednesday or so. I really hope we get that house because it's rad! Besides that I'm looking through car magazines for cheapy cars and shit. Lots of shit to do. :/
06:09pm 18/04/2006
mood: busy
Yep, so we're in Illinois currently! Staying at Ken's brothers house, in East Dundee. Ah, how I miss it here!!! So good to be back. Ken's brother has a puppy that's one of those Australian Sheperd and Poddle mixes, or "aussie-poo" as they call it. He's only 7 pounds and quite adorable, lol. They also have a cat named Frosty and he's beautiful - he's a Ragdoll, and all white. Um.. what else? Greg wasn't able to follow us right away because of the sudden move but he's going to following us within the next few weeks hopefully. He's going to get a second job and save up money, then I might fly out there and travel with him here. SO yeah.. that'll be fun. We found a brand new house in Rockford, or rather Rockton... same thing to me, lol. Anyway, the model house was nice with three bedrooms and two baths, and a full basement. Should be freakin' awesome. I want to move closer to downtown Chicago within the next few years though, I just like being in the heart of action. Chicago is pretty damn expensive so it's probably not such a good idea to do it when I'm only 18. Bleh. Well, I'm on Ken's brothers fiance's laptop.. it's cool except I keep pressing the caps lock button and the mouse pad thing gets really annoying occasionally. But, yeah... I should get off here before I write another novel. Will update soon.
05:38am 04/04/2006
mood: mellow
Lack of updates again, for a pretty good reason. Last week my fingers began to swell up in size, worrying me. So I went to the emergency room on Friday (i think) to check it out, which ended up being a 4 hour long wait for them to tell me that I have a urinary tract infection. Nothing about my fingers ("I don't know what could be causing that" says the doctor). I'm sitting in the hospital bed for hours, having a severe allergy attack and I forgot to bring my emergency inhaler, therefore I was suffering like a bitch. My mom requests an inhaler of some sort just to hold me off until we can get my Albuterol, but no... they don't even return to tell us that they cannot give me any kind of inhaler. It was so fucking ridiculous. Tch.

Went to the allergist today, for a follow-up type of thing. The doctor said that I have a sinus infection, which might have caused my allergic reaction. The allergic reactions that happened most recently were excessively worse than usual, though. I seriously thought I was not going to be able to breathe. Scary. She also suggested highly that I try allergy shots. I'll probably start those sometime when we move to Illinois. She increased my Advair inhaler dose from 100/50 to 250/50 for 2 weeks in hopes of calming my lungs and wheezing. I have a really good lung capacity but my lungs are noisy, apparently.

On top of really horrible allergies lately, I believe I've had a cold on top of it. Everyone in my household is sick. My hands and feet are itchy, I was stuck awake for almost 2 days straight because of a cough that would keep me from falling asleep and now I'm just starting to feel better. Sheesh, when will it all end?

On the bright side, we got several new books in my mail today through this Doubleday Book Club thingy. Pretty cool stuff, it was only 10 bucks or so for 6 books. Books are my best friend.

I'm VERY hooked on Conquer Online - again. It's one of those passing phases that I get into. Not to sound extremely nerdy, but my character is level 82 now! Hahah. Conquer is actually a very cool game, especially since it's free of charge. I would sit here and explain it all, but here is the website to find out for yourself - ConquerOnline.com .

Also, I've been playing my Spyro games again. I beat the first one and now I'm going through the second. I have no life. :D

More changes with the moving stuff. We're still going on May 1st, except Greg is probably going to have to get his own place like the original plan. Money is posing a bit of a problem, so we're going to have to do some more homework.

I don't know how I find the time for all this stuff but I'm on book three of the Vampire Chronicles, Queen of the Damned. It's sort of confusing because each chapter is from a different point of view, different settings and people but one main connection. Eh, I don't know... maybe I'll figure it out the more I read. I own the Chronicle books up until Memnoch the Devil, after I finish that I'll have to buy the rest of the series. :o

Today, Greg and I watched The Brothers Grimm movie. I thought it was very... strange, to say the least. A couple very disturbing parts and a whole bunch of confusing story telling, really.

Ah... the birds are singing and the sunrise is coming along. Which means I need to hit the sack!
RF and more.   
05:11am 27/03/2006
mood: exhausted
On Saturday, we all went to the Renaissance Festival in Gold Canyon. I went previously, which was last year and it was just as great! I dress up every time in the best renaissance clothing I can get my hands on. I prefer going as the wench type, ha. I wore a black bustier with a white undershirt (think a work shirt) and a black skirt. I have pictures but I'm much too tired tonight to put them on the comp.

Today I didn't feel very good at all. I had a wheeze all night from my asthma and when I woke up I did my inhaler. Which turned out for the worse because the albuterol gave me tremors afterwards. So... here I was shaking like a leaf and nothing I to do about it for 2 hours. On top of that, I felt fatigued all day and just bleh. I'm so fucking exhausted I feel like sleeping for 3 days straight.

I'm going to go brush my teeth now and hopefully, fall asleep soon after. I suppose I shall update tomorrow when sleep isn't overcoming me.
Feast your eyes   
05:28pm 21/03/2006
mood: giddy
Here are some random pictures that I've been meaning to post for awhile. Pllp.

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01:58am 19/03/2006
mood: bored
OKAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY....... both photobucket.com and putfile.com are not responding and going extremely slowing and not loading. BAH. I was just trying to put some pictures on here but noooooo...

Anyway, my mom and Ken found an apartment place for themselves. They also MAYBE found a place for me and Greg. It's a one bedroom house with a garage and basement, for $650 a month. The owner is okay with Jack being there, as well. I REALLY hope we get this house, I mean shit... A HOUSE! OF OUR OWN! lol

In other news, I didn't end up going to the Kreator concert because my period cramps were making me feel like horse shit. Plus... I don't know. Since we're moving to Chicago, I feel like I'll be able to go to more concerts since Chicago is a bigger city and Arizona is just too hot for most concerts... even Ozzfest cancelled here last year because of the heat. Psh... pussies.

This is weird. On TV, there is a baseball game between Japan and Korean teams. I didn't even know they played baseball in those countries! I mean, what the hell? Japanese men with baseball bats instead of Samurai swords?
I'm not wearing GREEN!   
09:37pm 17/03/2006
mood: content
So today is St. Patricks Day. Corned beef is in the crock pot! Total yum. :D

Kreator concert tonight, as well. The opening bands are hardcore, so I'm going to go a little late so I don't have to see those morons.

The Opeth concert was EXCELLENT. I'll put pictures of my new shirt on here eventually. All three of us went, Greg had to leave a little bit early so he could go to work but then once he got home he realized how sore he was from the mosh pit and decided to stay home. Psh! lol

Fortunately, I was able to get really close for Opeth, I was holding onto the fence that blocks the crowd from the stage. DevilDriver was really good too!! He asked us to make a really huge circle pit and said "I don't want to see any of that hardcore dancing bullshit!" I was like "FUCK YEAH!" Stupid hardcore dancing fucks. Dark Tranquility was very good too. Greg and my mom particularly enjoyed them.

Yesterday, my mom and I went to Kohl's to try and find me some new pants... to no avail. They have such shitty clothes it's not even funny. Afterwards we couldn't help but go into a grand opening of a Petco, which we stayed in for at least an hour.
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04:18pm 15/03/2006
mood: excited
Opeth concert in merely 2 hours!! Fuck yeah!!
11:07pm 13/03/2006
mood: grateful
Today I did a whole bunch of apartment searching, it's rather frustrating. After all this hard work attempting to find a place to live in Illinois, I think it will pay off by living with Greg alone. It should be interesting, to say the least! I'm going to miss my mom beyond all, but... we shouldn't live that far apart. Anyway....

Greg received his income tax check in the mail and cashed it already, he's hoping to put it towards a new tire and possibly a tune up for his car. Maybe something else, I forgot what but yeah... his RPM's twindle occasionally and he feels he needs something else done.

Umm... I got black sheets for my futon! They're that t-shirt material and they're uber sexy.

How could I forget? After almost FIVE months of no rain here in Arizona, we finally got a downpour a couple days ago. It literally rained 24 hours straight. And as freaky as it was, we actually had a snow alert for Maricopa County (the first since Arizona has been a state, I think) - and it snowed several inches in Scottsdale which is only 20 minutes away! Last year, I remember we had a tornado warning (which Greg has never seen and he's lived here for more than 10 years) for our county as well.. I just bring out all the best of weather, don't I?

Mom and I made California Chicken today, that shiznit is delicious! *is craving more now* I'm PMS-ing like a sunovabish currently. >:(

OH OH OH. Opeth concert in on Wednesday (!!!!!!!) and Kreator concert is on Friday(!!!!!!!)! St. Patricks Day should be spectacular, corned beef rocks! Haha.

Lastly, I've just finished the first book in The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I've read a couple of them before, but I've order just about the entire series except for the last 3, I think. Should be great!
01:56pm 08/03/2006
mood: calm
It's been a long past couple weeks, to say the least. I'm not really going to touch the details whatsoever, but New Mexico was nice.. it was windy and it rained a bit while we stayed there. Besides that, it was pretty boring in Albuquerque because hardly anything was open when I wanted food at 2 AM! I had a bug for quite some time, with a stomach ache and nausea - and some very unwelcomed visits to the toilet, which we will also not touch upon the details, thank you. Thankfully, I feel quite a bit better but fast food still doesn't appeal to my taste buds (I haven't eaten Taco Bell in almost 3 weeks, which is a record).

We're setting the move date to May 1st, currently. Altough I'm avoiding the details, a change has made so Jack (our dog) will have to possibly live with Greg. I might be moving in with Greg when we go out there. I sort of want to, then I sort of want to stay with my mom. I would like to be independent and have my own car, job, place, etc. Bah, I don't know. We'll see... I guess...

In the mean time, here's my pet. Bitches.

my pet!
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04:29am 01/03/2006
mood: okay
Bad news. Emergency came up. Heading to Albuquerque, New Mexico right away.


I've had a stomache ache for a couple days now. Bleh.
My mom is on LJ!   
03:43am 27/02/2006
mood: accomplished
EVERYONE, add my mom as your LJ friend. leviathan68 Do it or feel my wrath.

Anyways, that's all for now. Going to Flagstaff tomorrow, shall take more pictures, I presume...

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Upstairs neighbors are fucking retarded.   
02:21am 26/02/2006
mood: frustrated
Hey everyone. I'm going to shoot my upstairs neighbors in the face the next time I see them because they're so loud and obnoxious and stupid and drunk. K, thanks.

In other news, THE DEAD WALK THE EARTH!!!!!

Ha, I watched The Corpse Bride movie a couple days ago, it's nifty. Scraps is the best character! We're still preparing to move, looking at houses and such. It's a long process. We might have to stay a month or two longer than planned to get everything situated. Meh, oh well.

I still haven't gotten my income tax check, I hope it gets here soon. In fact, I hope I did it correctly - *ponders*.

Did I mention that I'm going to slay my upstairs neighbors? Mkay.

Uh.. I had homemade tacos at 1 AM tonight and they were good stuff. I was pretty bored just all day today, until finally Greg suggested we go walk around the apartment complex. We did, it was nice. People like to stare at me and Greg because we wear trench coats. Later on, we found this little kitty sitting on a porch and I called him over. He came over and we petted him for like.. 15 minutes and Greg had his laser pen with him, so that entertained the kitty for awhile. She was so cute, all gray with white paws.. aww. We came home afterwards, I played Spyro on my Gameboy Advance while he played The Suffering on my Xbox. Fun stuff.

I'm actually quite bored again. I'm almost done with my steroids, woot. They're such a pain in the ass because it gives me an increase in appetite. I have an appointment this Tuesday with the ENT doctor to discuss the sinus surgery, but first my mom wants me to try this homeopathic medicine for allergies that way surgery is really.. last resort.

MEH, I guess I'll go try and find something to entertain myself. My upstairs neighbors are really annoying....
Still busy..   
11:40pm 15/02/2006
mood: content
Still haven't found much time to update this journal. In the past week or so, Ken left for Illinois to find a house and such ahead of time. He took a train there, so we traveled up to Flagstaff overnight. I love it there... it's only a few hours away from San Fransisco, with mountains and it actuall snows! Too bad I didn't see any snow while visiting there - it was 16 degrees that night though!! It was nice.

Also getting ready for the move as much as possible. Greg is trying to figure out his finances, job, housing and all that. My mom got some boxes for the move from her work, Greg is going to get some too. Uh... I think we're moving in the Rockford area which is close to Wisconsin. I've been to Wisconsin a few times but I don't remember much.

For Valentines Day, I got Greg a whole bag full of candy hearts filled with various different candies. I also burned him a Crossbreed and Opeth CD and put them inside the bag. I think he enjoyed it, he's almost halfway done with his candy already! He baked me a double heart cake that says Happy Valentines Day on it. It was really cute, with pink and white frosting. It was really good too! He also got me a candle shaped rose that apparently smells very good (I wouldn't know, I don't have a sense of smell).

I visited my ENT doctor as well, he told me basically.. no medication is going to work efficiently if it hasn't already. He said my best bet was going for surgery, which I am probably going to go with. What other choice do I have? The surgery doesn't involve any incisions but I am going to be knocked out. They go inside the sinus cavities and clean all the built up mucuos (sp?) out of there. I guess it is very clogged and that's why I have had such difficulties with my allergies and sinuses for the past year or two. I can thank my freakin' uncle for this because he's been through the same surgery several times and I probably got it from him. The doctor prescribed me cream to put inside my ear because apparently it is extremely dry and on the verge of having an ear infection - bleh! I am pretty nervous about all of this surgery talk, but like Nietzsche once proclaimed - what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.

Today I went to Savers (thrift shop) to try and check out what I can salvage up for a Renaissance outfit, obviously for the ren festival. I found this cute black top that looks like a tank top with the bottom half cut off. I'll definitely take pictures when we all go to the festival, but I tried my whole outfit together and it looks good! Greg is trying to figure out what he can do on a low budget. My whole outfit costed less than 35 bucks including a skirt (also from a thrift shop called Buffalo Exchange), blouse (20 bucks at Kohls, going to return the shirt after the festival and get money back, haha) and bustier. Greg also found a nice London trench coat at Savers originally marked at $30, but exchanged that tag for a $20 tag (very easily done since they're only stapled on the clothing). He decided to put the coat back at the last minute because he is attempting to save as much money as possible, but when we were in line he read about a sign that yellow tags are half off the marked price. And what do you know? The tag he replaced the old one with was yellow! Woo, he got a great trench coat for only 10 bucks!! Yeah, we cheated.. who cares? THRIFT STORES ROCK!!!

I got a new necklace a few days ago, from online that is a Chinese character meaning 'intellect'. It is very cool. My mom has a necklace coming in the mail that is an inverted pentagram too.

Wow, I think that's all? I'll try updating more often so these entries don't seem like novels! x(
Busy, busy.   
10:56pm 03/02/2006
mood: hopeful
I haven't been on here to update lately because I've been busy with a whole bunch of stuff. Mostly because I haven't been on my own computer in a few days, my mom and Ken bought a 'new' computer for their uses and they've been taking up my internet connection. So, I've just kept the line in their tower and using this one. It's real old... from 1985 (hence it weighing as much as me) or so, but it works because it has Windows XP with Office editon.

I also did my taxes yesterday, glad to have those out of the way. A couple days ago, Kelly got in contact with me through IM. I was so surprised to hear from her, it had been over a year. I guess she's been through a lot of shit since I've talked to her including going to jail, moving out (and unfortunately moving back in) and getting a job. My life seems so dull now! :P

Also, my mom told me that we'll be moving out totally by the end of March because that is when our lease ends with our apartment. So.. hopefully, we'll be moving back to Illinois at the end of March. The biggest question is whether Greg can efficiently follow us.. lots of stuff to figure out.

That is all for now.